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UkrHelp is a licensed medical company that provides quality services for the transportation of patients with various pathologies and varying degrees of complexity in Kyiv, Ukraine and abroad. Transporting patients is a complex, responsible business that requires special transport, appropriate equipment, and highly qualified personnel with an individual approach to each patient. Our company has everything necessary to meet these requirements. Transportation is carried out by an ambulance – a special transport on a “soft” suspension, equipped with all the necessary equipment and medical equipment. The transport team is formed taking into account a specific case, depending on the degree of complexity of the patient’s condition and the distance of the trip.
  • Transportation of bedridden patients: fast, reliable, safe
  • Reanimobiles are equipped with professional medical equipment
  • Highly qualified medical staff
  • Individual approach to each patient
  • Reliable and comfortable transportation
  • Your trust is our responsibility

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2327+trips within Ukraine
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Trust the lives of your loved ones only to experienced carriers with a license

Transportation rules
  • Transportation of the patient to a medical institution is carried out with the prior consent of the receiving party.
  • Before transportation, the patient's condition is evaluated by a specialist of our company in order to decide on the possibility and method of transportation.
  • The transport team is formed depending on the patient's needs (medical, paramedic, nursing, sanitary).
  • Transport stretchers for bedridden patients.
  • Transport gurney for sedentary patients.
  • Vacuum mattress.
  • Bucket stretchers (transportation of patients with injuries, in particular spinal injuries).
  • Cardiomonitor.
  • Defibrillator.
  • Infusomat.
  • Apparatus for artificial lung ventilation.
  • Electric vacuum cleaner.
  • Medical devices: tonometer, laryngeal masks, Ambu bag, etc.
  • Medicines necessary for providing emergency care and maintaining a stable condition of a patient of any severity.


Medical stretchers


  • Transportation of bedridden patients with various pathologies, patients with spinal injuries, patients requiring mechanical ventilation.
  • Transportation of people with disabilities, medical support of patients for scheduled examinations (CT, MRI, ultrasound and others).
  • Consultation on the possibility and method of transporting the patient depending on the specific situation.

Our advantages

Qualified staff

Formation of a team of visiting medical personnel in accordance with the needs of a specific patient, taking into account all medical indications and needs.

Specialized cars

Compliance of Reanimobile with all requirements of the European standard. Equipped with everything necessary for transportation with professional equipment.

Transportation 24/7

Transportation is carried out at any time convenient for you, 24/7. Continuous monitoring of the patient's condition and assistance during transportation.
24/7 contact center.

Transportation of patients across Ukraine and abroad


Transportation of bedridden patients is considered one of the most responsible types of medical transportation of persons, because it often requires special attention due to the risk to life. Such a service is needed in various situations, in particular:

  • Moving patients from one hospital to another is when important medical procedures or surgeries need to be performed that are not possible in small towns. This usually refers to moving from smaller settlements to large cities, such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, etc.;
  • Transportation of patients to foreign clinics for medical procedures that cannot be performed within Ukraine;
  • Transportation of persons within the city — for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment in various medical institutions;
  • Urgent transportation of patients — in critical cases, when urgent care is needed in a hospital;
  • Returning the patient home after the hospital is relevant for people with movement disorders, nervous system problems, cardiovascular, oncological and other conditions.

For the safety of the patient, it is recommended to ensure that he is accompanied by appropriately qualified medical personnel who are ready to provide assistance in emergency situations.

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Transportation of patients around Kyiv


Transportation within Kyiv requires detailed planning, in particular taking into account the time of day and the specifics of the patient's move from one place to another.

UkrHelp specialists study a number of key factors that directly affect the efficiency and safety of patients during transportation:

  • The patient's current health and emotional state – the patient's willingness to move short or long distances is taken into account;
  • Congestion of Kyiv highways during the planned departure - it is ideal to choose less trafficked hours;
  • The condition of the roads on the planned route – it is undesirable to use roads with poor coverage for the transportation of critically ill patients.

These are just some of the aspects that our specialists pay attention to during the preparation for transportation.

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Transportation of patients is a 24/7 service


The medical company UkrHelp has a service that works without interruption and on weekends, ready to provide services for transporting patients around Kyiv. Our specialists go to the address a few minutes after the application, which ensures a quick arrival to the patient.
Our team is equipped with modern resuscitation vehicles - this ensures the possibility of providing assistance right during the trip, without waiting for arrival at the hospital, which is often life-saving for the patient.

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    Popular questions and answers

    How soon can you arrive?

    Depends on the location of the patient during the call. The dispatcher monitors the movement of all crews online and will be able to specify the arrival time of the crew, taking into account the road situation, when creating an application.

    How should the patient be dressed?

    It depends on the condition of the patient, the method of transporting him to the car and the purpose of transportation. That is, what equipment will be used for descent/ascent to/from the building - only a stretcher-roller or will you also need a soft stretcher, a vacuum mattress, a wheelchair-roller.

    Every detail matters. You can get full information at a consultation.

    Do you have oxygen, stretchers, blankets, air conditioning, specialized equipment, etc.?

    The cars are equipped with everything necessary (sanitary car of class C).

    Blankets, sheets, hygiene products (diapers, diapers, napkins). The team always includes an experienced medical worker who will assess the condition, provide assistance, dress, and perform hygienic manipulations.